Air Quality Frome

Also thought you’d all find this interesting!

Read more here

This is basically what we’ve talked about doing!

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Some heavy readings there!

That’s scary, considering we’re in “lock down”. I dread to think what the reading will be when things go back to normal?

Think I’ll do a sensor nag… all sensors out

This would of been interesting to have applied for. We could of worked with Frome town council to put together more chunky grant

Quick update on 3d printing
Joe sent me the 3d files for the mount/duct (thanks Joe).

I printed off a draft (2hrs20mins, low quality) to see what adjustments I might need for my printer.

Dimensions came out fine, I just need to make sure surfaces/walls are set up similar to the Prusa project to keep the air channels solid & structure string (some of that will improve running at normal speeds).


Woaaah someone did it!

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Elon, where are you…

Is this old news?

Can I also recommend a link to Google Nest home device on the link above!

A hopefully accurate power reading over 24h period. I mentioned I calculated 11Wh per day from the info on the website and 11.9Wh per day measured. So not far off!


Very useful measurement! I think we were discussing last week the possibilities of battery power with solar top-up.

I’m impressed!

Apologies if this is an old link?

I had some difficulty finding our sensor setup guide, so here’s a link:
Clean Air Frome - So you’ve got yourself a sensor!

I shall be using an ESP32 for an unrelated project. I seem to recall there was some problem with one such module but cannot find any discussions about it. Please remind me what the problem was, and also which ESP32 module you would recommend.

Hey Hugo.

The only issue with the ESP32 was limited support with the firmware were using for the sensors.

Other than that, it depends a little on how many of the pins you need/which features (capacitive sensors, ADAC etc.), but I like the small form factor of the D1-mini style of board - that was originally a Wemos ESP8266 board, but another manufacturer brought out an ESP32 version with a similar footprint.

The Wemos branded boards have seemed decent - they do a few variants of three ESP32 (but not in the D1-mini form factor)

An interesting short read.

Will, thanks for the reply. The ESP32 boards arrived, and work fine. I am using the Arduino IDE (I have some existing code to use on these boards) . Compiling is a bit slow though. Did you consider using LoRa radio? I have a potential project to measure water quality, and I know someone who lives a few hundred metres from the river. So I was wondering about using an ESP32 LoRa module to gather data from sensors in the river, and another at his house, acting as a gateway to his broadband router via WiFi. Any comments or suggestions please?

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I’m yet to get around to trying LoRa.

There are a few similar low bandwidth systems, so between procrastinating around which it tech to try (*) & thoughts about integrating with existing firmware, I haven’t managed it yet.

(*) LoRa seems the most popular, but chip makers have to pay proprietary license fees, so the modules are a bit more expensive than some, though still pretty affordable.

Are your requirements for a single link or multiple links?
I am thinking that for expandability a single base station / gateway that can communicate with multiple sensor nodes / rovers.
And a range of multiple km, line of sight.
Some years ago I played around with Zigbee. But could not get it to work consistently. And ended up bricking the modules anyway. Non-brickability must also be a consideration!