Monthly thread - what’s new with you? (March edition)

What have you found, or learnt, or watched, or heard? What are you building or breaking or repairing or investigating?

Let’s hear about your technical or educational adventures, however large or small.

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Once again, I’ve written a truly minuscule amount of code, this time to play with this challenge:

Select a random number between 0 and 1. Now select another and add it to the first. Keep doing this, piling on random numbers. How many random numbers, on average, do you need to make the total greater than 1 ?

Also perhaps notable, this 3-D printed mechanical clock

And just in case you wanted some weekend viewing, the Asionometry channel has assembled a playlist of their Semiconductor explainers.

I’ve written another small amount of code, once again in Basic! All about counting square-free integers, which is (not) a new hobby of mine.

Also, just this afternoon, upgraded this forum, on the usual semi-regular schedule, and it went smoothly, then went to do the same on my retrocomputing forum, and it broke. So that was a slightly anxious couple of hours, but it’s working again now.

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