Virtual meetup (every other) Wednesday night

How are feeling now?

Much better thanks @Laurentius

Our first Wednesday session of the New Year is coming up - tomorrow! Hope to see you (all) there.

Apologies, how did it go?

As ever, it was good to catch up with each other. We’re seeing only modest turnouts in these online gatherings, which isn’t too surprising, but we’re keeping the flame, and we have a space in which to share our technical findings and interests.

I think the spotlight idea is working well - we don’t always have one, and it doesn’t always result in a thread here, but it’s a chance to go a little deeper into something which is currently occupying someone’s attention. Recent spotlights have been about the log4j vulnerability, a Christmas tree programming challenge, and last night - one I missed - it sounds like the talk was about cleaning PCs with compressed air, a new model of 3D printer from Prusa, and an online AI service of some kind (WebGPT, openAI).

Just a quick reminder - our fortnightly online session comes around again on Wednesday. It would be good to see you there!

It’s that time again - join us this Wednesday on zoom for a catchup and a chat and possibly even a spotlight session.

Quick reminder - Techshed will be meeting on Zoom tomorrow at 7.

The regular fortnightly video call comes around this week - an hour with your Tech Shed buddies! Do join us, on Wednesday at 7.

Oops, a bit late to announce this, but tonight is the regular fortnightly video meetup.

And probably the last one before the year-end break. Have a good one everyone!

Tomorrow night, the first virtual TechShed meetup of 2023!

(This is one of those which clashes with Film Club, so Al and I will be absent this time.)

Bump! Meet-up online tomorrow night!

It’s that time again - meet-up online tomorrow night!

Oh, it’s tonight - the fortnightly video call!

It’s that time again - tomorrow - the fortnightly video call. See you there!

Oops, change of plan - tonight’s call is cancelled - lack of quorum. Until next time!

Once again, the fortnight has rolled around. The regular video call is tomorrow - see you there!