Virtual meetup (every other) Wednesday night

Just a quick reminder - our fortnightly online session comes around again on Wednesday. It would be good to see you there!

It’s that time again - join us this Wednesday on zoom for a catchup and a chat and possibly even a spotlight session.

Quick reminder - Techshed will be meeting on Zoom tomorrow at 7.

The regular fortnightly video call comes around this week - an hour with your Tech Shed buddies! Do join us, on Wednesday at 7.

Oops, a bit late to announce this, but tonight is the regular fortnightly video meetup.

And probably the last one before the year-end break. Have a good one everyone!

Tomorrow night, the first virtual TechShed meetup of 2023!

(This is one of those which clashes with Film Club, so Al and I will be absent this time.)

Bump! Meet-up online tomorrow night!

It’s that time again - meet-up online tomorrow night!

Oh, it’s tonight - the fortnightly video call!

It’s that time again - tomorrow - the fortnightly video call. See you there!

Oops, change of plan - tonight’s call is cancelled - lack of quorum. Until next time!

Once again, the fortnight has rolled around. The regular video call is tomorrow - see you there!

For interest, here are the barely-annotated links and sparse notes from tonight’s call:

Discussion space [useful links and notes on things mentioned]

Hypercard - early and easy visual programming and hypertext authoring

Place cells in the hippocampus for navigation and orientation

LLM specialised for code

Computational Neuroscience

Life 3.0 - Max Tegmark

Graphcore’s performance on BERT - article from last year

Forgot to mention some of the security/reliability stuff:
Getting models to reveal parts of previous context (e.g. priming/shaping prompts to put a model in a ‘mode’ or disallow certain acations)

Just a couple of interesting videos from today’s call - one rather practical and the other mathematical, both on string art. Thanks @Joe

Another thing mentioned last night - 3D printing for small scale production of enclosures, as seen by Heber’s Console8 retro product:

They have a farm of 20 Prusas - they are based in Chalford near Stroud and I had a quick look on Saturday.

It’s that time again - we’ll be online for an hour this evening, for a catchup and a general Tech Shed talk.

(Also to note, we’ve decided to take an August break from the monthly meetups at the Remakery - so there’s no meetup this coming Sunday.)

Here we go again - tomorrow (Wednesday) we’ll be meeting online, using Google Meet - see the link in the head post. Hope to see you there!

(Also, please remember that the next two Sunday in-person meetups will be one week earlier than usual.)