3D printer request

Hey gang,
All is well in baby land. I just have a small request. Elise is breastfeeding on a our IKEA poeng chair. She gets really thirsty and needs to have a drink that is reachable. I saw some peeps have made a 3D print design cup holder. Would someone be able to print x2 of this for me?

Thank you!

Sorry my printer is packed up for the move! If no one else can help, I can dig it out of the garage-full of boxes.

Hi @danny_hearn, glad to hear all is going well.

I don’t think we’ve got anywhere I’d be happy running the printer for the ~20 hours (TWENTY HOURS!) it might take to print the main part of this.

But if you fancy having a go – and who knows, Dylan might find the steady thrum of the printer soothing – we can drop off the printer at yours.

(Alternatively, we can lend you a coffee table :wink: )

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I’ve got it down to 11 hours if that helps but it won’t look as smooth!

Whatever you guys reckon. It’s not super urgent, just be handy to help the setup!

I reckon 11 hours is OK! So yes please @Joe , if you could let me have a copy of your 11-hour version we’ll give it a go.