Air quality / Air pollution monitoring

Here are a few links which look interesting. Feel free to add more, or have a read of these and write a summary, noting whether they might be relevant for our project:

mentioned in the above article:


More projects:

Lots of artcles from MAKE:"air+pollution"

Here’s Mendip’s latest annual report on air quality.

Includes the locations and average measurements from the (non-automated) sensors in Frome:
Christchurch St, Portway, Garsdale / Vicarage, Market Place (x3 sensors), 38 The Butts, 87 The Butts
There are no automatic sensors in Mendip (as at 2018)

Air Apparent (see original post) are based in Bristol and do workshops about air pollution which include building your own sensor. (Last one was in 2018 so maybe they’ve stopped?) I have contacted them via the website to see if they’d do one for us.

(Just to note, there’s a popular sensor called BME680 which can be attached to a Pi, it measures ‘air quality’ but note that it’s ‘indoor air quality’ - a combination of VOCs and humidity. It’s probably unsuited to traffic pollution, and in any case seems to be uncalibrated.)

And the assembly instructions for the sensor are available on the german website:

Talking hypothetically…

I’m wondering if anyone will even notice (or care) about the digital air pollution boards (real time) that will hopefully be scattered around Frome.

What do you think about using for the first week, projection mapping (see pics) as a way to rally and enlighten our community on how they can contribute, to the battle against pollution, perhaps even sacrifice a car journey or two? Also, this would be a perfect time to bump our community into registering for our pollution app:wink: By the way, there are two blank walls opposite W.H.Smith and the fruit shop in the Westway Shopping Centre? Moreover, the location is the T-junction of heavy pedestrian traffic.

Find below an example of the kind of video that could work.

c73549_c895283ba72e422b971dd8968fb102fe towards fighting pollution in Frome?

Has anyone seen this

Techshed are below

Have a guess which one is the most popular at present :roll_eyes:

Found some low cost sensors

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