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We have the electronic components for 10, but each one needs the mounting kit 3D printed. So just checking to see if I should start and see if I can get some more filament (which is in really short supply at the moment).

Yes, those are the boxes we need.

Let’s work it out this Wednesday

Thanks everyone for meeting this eve…

Outline of discussion was

Tasks agreed


  • Council to source locations
  • Get clear on what location needs to have
  • Get clear about SLA
  • Get clear about security
  • Consider hosting
  • Phased release so we
  • build hardware first
  • Install
  • Track data
  • Build / design website

Questions to consider

  • How we explain costing

We have follow-up meeting this Saturday 10am. Anyone can join

Hey Gang,
see DRAFT proposal for FTC… please help me build it and add comments on the slide deck -

@p.j @Ed_S @Snowy @Al_B @Will @qscons

Also for those interested here is the official criteria for an air monitoring station if local authorities purchase it on the market

taken from their guide on buying air montiring stations here -

Ok, see final draft, ready for sending to FTC - any last comments let me know on the deck

I’ve also ordered the boxes @p.j

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Great stuff – I like the new breakdown of costs. I’m wondering whether we should add the word “suggested” to the 20% donation line (fully expecting them to pay it, but making it a bit more palatable)?

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I found some 3D printing resources on the luftdaten website (brackets, housings etc.) Might want to offer ours too:

We’ve had a response from FTC. They have approved our proposal! I’m going to speak to them again tomorrow just to clarify a few details. I’ll update you and we should now be full steam ahead :smiley:


Ok latest update.
I just spoke to FTC.

  • It’s not actually been formally ‘approved’ but Anna is now happy with it and will forward onto her manager for sign off
  • She feels confident that it will be approved and go through and is keen for it to get started ASAP
  • She is busy thinking of potential locations, and I suggested we could provide a ‘cheat sheet’ or document that tells the person who is hosting the sensor what to expect

Nearly there!

I’ve created a project space to hold all links, documents and thinking -

I can confirm the Air Sensor project funding has now been signed off and approved by the council! Thank to all those involved as it has been a team effort!

Now we have to go and build it!

This funding will enable Tech Shed Frome to really open up our doors when the time comes to new and exciting initiatives.

Join us tonight at 7pm tonight to work out what’s next!

@p.j @Will @Snowy @qscons @laneige1990 @Al_B @Ed_S


There might be problem with the layout in the housing.

After 5 hrs with temperature in the room 23ºC (measured with 2 other sources), the temperature is reading 27ºC so likely it’s picking up heat build-up from the dust sensor:

Google Photos

The PPM values are still high too - I blew out the 3D printed ducting with the air duster, but haven’t done the dust sensor itself yet.

I’ve air dusted the sensor unit and moved the temperature sensor to next to the intake vent of the housing to see if it helps.

Guessing its a bit early to apply -

Using data networks for sensors @p.j @Will @qscons @Al_B


Concept next phase me and @Will have been working on -

Possible application for funding that Johannas passed on

South West Creative Tech Network has a funding call (£10-£40k available) just opened

Submission deadline is early September, but it’s not quite in-line with what we’re looking for as a company, so thought I should share with you folks to share around your local networks, it might be something that could help you finally get around to the weird side project you’ve been making notes about for years.

Notable jump in particulate matter in 2 peaks at 23 Bath St today:

But in the “Low” pollution band.
at that same site on the 1st July, we did see “Very High” mid-morning nut not for a sustained period, with a peak of >160µg/m³ PM10


That shows up as

  • 2.00µg/m³ geometric mean for the hour
  • 16.8µg/m³ arithmetic mean for the hour

I’m adding a blog soon, so we’ll be great to put this type of stuff in it