All about bicycles

This is just a starter:

Why Dutch Bikes are Better (and why you should want one) (11mins)

Points made within:

  • sit up and beg is more comfortable
  • skirt guard, chain guard, frame lock, step-through frame
  • mudguards, kickstand, rear rack
  • hub gears (if any)
  • coaster brakes (sometimes)
  • designed for transportation and low maintenance - not sport

Presently I have a cheapo trail bike, not very comfortable, but with useful 15 speed derailleur. My other half has a sit-up-and-beg step-through, with useful Swytch electric conversion and otherwise-not-excellent 3 speed hub gears. (Given the electric assist, the 3 speeds are adequate.)

Ed, you’ve converted me, however, I wouldn’t fancy riding a ‘Dutch’ bike up “Bath Street”.

I don’t think I’ve tackled Bath Street on the bike… we tend to go up Zion Path which gets you to Whittox Lane - last time I then used Castle St which turns out to be a real struggle. (Looks like Bath St is a 1 in 6 in old money, which is about as steep as it gets.)

Electrical assist is a very good thing!