Bioplastics (to make at home)

@Laurentius mentioned bioplastics on our real life event at the weekend, and by coincidence I just saw this in my feed. Many of the infographics posted there come from one site, so here are individual links for the pictures within…

See also the open-source book: Bioplastic Cook Book | FabTextiles by Margaret Dunne, FabTextiles, Fab Lab Barcelona, 2018.

Materiom : Agar bioplastic film

Materiom : Red clay cornstarch leather

Eggshell Biomaterial

Materiom : Sunflower seed | Eggshell composite

Materiom : Walnut shell | Potato starch composite

Materiom : Cork | agar - starch Cor03

Materiom : Paper composite

Most ambitious:

Green Home Building:Papercrete and papercrete - Living in Paper and Papercrete construction

Thanks Ed. I love the idea of using egg shells! By the way, I highly recommend baked ‘banana’ skins :yum:

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