Bus times API opportunity

So I emailed ‘First’ the bus company and asked them if they would be opening their live bus times to an API

Here is response
Good afternoon Mr Hearn,

Thank you very much for contacting us with your query and apologies it has taken such a long time to respond.

I have looked into this for you and can confirm that whilst this is something that we cannot offer access to right now, it is certainly something that will be made available within the next few months (we are working through the collation of data and how this will be presented currently) in a similar vein to the link described in your comments.

I wonder if they will be buying some ultra-low or zero-emission vehicles, sooner rather than later. What company did you write to Dan?

Its from ‘First’ the main bus company

Hugo mentioned they’re switching (as in already have live services) to biomethane busses in Bristol - the way he described that even next to one there were no exhaust fumes - seems much cleaner than diesel.
(might not be zero emissions, but a sustainable source and cleaner than digging up mashed up ancient sea creatures and burning that)

Not sure if First have wider plans…