Dead solar pack

I bought one of these earlier this year:
84Wh Portable Power Station Generator Kit with Solar Panel

It has died and won’t now take a charge at all - I’m wondering how to at least reuse the solar panel.
So I’m looking for help to change the cable to be USB output so that I could plug it into an ordinary battery pack. Any suggestions?


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This is it

Could I just get this and attach to the solar panel?

I think that this is what I need

and this is what I have ordered

Well that’s pretty bad for a battery bank not to last for a decent interval. I hope you could get a refund.

I think you’ve already found that you need some kind of device between the panels and something which needs regulated power - hopefully that AOKoda charger does what you need.

Welcome to our world Mike.

It turns out that to get the best out of a solar panel, you need a fairly smart circuit. MPPT seems to be the search term to use. (I think it’s true that a simpler approach can also work, but not quite so well.) It might also be true that this only applies for larger setups.