Dell laptop hinge repair wanted

My daughter has a Dell Inspiron 15 7570 laptop with a broken hinge - apparently this is a common problem - can anybody offer any help in repairing it ?

Is it anything like the problem and diagnosis in this video?

Yes, the differences are insignificant … it is the right hinge that’s gone (not the left), and each hinge has its own short cover instead of one large one going all the way across. I had seen this video but lost the link … does this mean you might help repair it ?

Thanks, Paul

I could try to help but I fear my tooling and aptitude might not be up to it. Most repair videos for this seem to involve a very complete disassembly and fitting new hinge mechanisms, whereas this chap only dissassembles the top half - no mean feat in itself - and then drills the case and uses bolts to fix the existing hinge. There’s certainly going to be some risk.

(For ref, his previous video mentions the same laptop and shows the hinge exposed, just about.)

I’ll give it a go, Paul. I’m back home next week (w/c 24th) Call and drop it round.

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Thanks, p.j We’ve already got it fixed.

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