Extended recycling in Frome


I’m thankful that we have such great recycling options here in Frome! There are however a few additional recycling needs I have. I wonder if anyone has any additional information?

Is there recycling nearby for

  • Electronics (such as broken devices which can’t be fixed via ifixit guides)
  • Batteries (specifically Litium Ion, I’ve noticed for example these are now commonly used in wireless headphones and can sometimes be very small)
  • Print cartridges and toner

I’d also be interested in having a discussion about recycling and re-use in general for the local area. I grew up playing Tetris and I think that idea of neatly discarding everything possible really strikes a chord with me hahaha.

Thank you!

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It’s a good question! @qscons was looking into a battery refurbishment idea, I think, together perhaps with SHARE or with The Frome Shed. But I think that was a work in progress.

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With my help a colleague from the Frome Shed refurbished a rechargeable drill battery pack and told me how he did it, The Frome SHARE shop offered to collect worn-out battery packs and help in placing refurbished battery packs. Until lockdown is over it is difficult to do anything except discuss and plan what we might do. The principle is simply this - each battery pack contains a number of rechargeable batteries - e,g, an 18v battery pack has 12 X 1.5v batteries. When the pack fails it may be only one or two batteries that have failed. The failed batteries are replaced by new ones, or by good ones from another failed battery pack. Happy to discuss details,

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Broken electronic devices … the Frome SHARE shop used to give out details of an electronics recycling business on the Marston Trading estate. I have no idea if they are still in existence nor what they take and what they do with it,

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Printer cartridges - I’ve given unused ones away on Freegle. The toys and stationery shop Ellenbray will take used printer cartridges, thereby raising money for one or more charities (don’t ask me which).

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Thanks @qscons - some great research here!

You could drop the items off here, http://www.recycleaid.co.uk/site/frome-recycling-centre/
At present they won’t accept any recycling if you walk (track and trace in car) it in, like I tried recently!

By the way, have you tried (its possible, dependant on cartridge) refilling the cartridges?

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