File storage thread


Thought you might find useful

Thanks for finding that! I’ve been drawn to Nextcloud from that thread. Will investigate further

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This just came up in my YouTube recommendations. It’s the hardware review guy who seems to be broadcasting about current new stuff, but from somewhere at the BBC in the 70’s.

Interesting option if you did want LAN based NAS. In theory, the SBC could run a lot more as well, but the review is just using OpenMediaVault. The advantage over a Pi/similar is mainly the 2 SATA ports onboard.

I preferred the setup of the HC1 he showed briefly (the single 2.5" SATA interface board) but would also like the two interfaces for RAID. I think he summed it up well with the biggest limitation being the gigabit ethernet. I will have a think for my new house network if I’m planning on working off it or it will be just used for backups.

I always play his videos at least x1.5 speed and it still sounds like normal speech!

I had this issue as well: where do you store your files if you don’t trust any of the big brand-name providers? I ended up switching to using MEGA but would like to hear how you got on with Nextcloud @Joe - I’ve heard good things about it.

Honestly, I haven’t done anything with Nextcloud yet… I put it off to begin with but will revisit it all when I sort out my home networking.