Frome (and its sheds) in the New York Times

An article on Frome (“a small city”) from far away, about community and mental health and the Health Connections project.

While many cities have vibrant community networks, the unusual thing about Frome’s initiative is the role of the medical practice in mobilizing them as part of a deliberate strategy to strengthen patients’ resilience and well-being.

… retired software worker Patrick Abrahams … set up a Men’s Shed, which now offers two weekly sessions where both men and women can gather to share woodworking and other projects, often repairing things for services like the Community Fridge and the local hospital.

Mr. Palmer and his team of 70 volunteer “digital connectors,” who help point people toward digital training and free Wi-Fi or donated electronic devices, are just part of a vibrant network of community services that can be mobilized to deal with some of the emotional issues that often exacerbate people’s health problems.

Thanks to Patrick who dropped in and shared this in this week’s session.

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I tried to read the whole article, but after a half-second view of the first screen, from which I gleaned nothing of use, I was informed I had reached the limit of my free articles. But nice to know that donations to the community fridge are repaired… no more broken buns, yay!

I’ve never heard ‘Frome’ being described as a ‘small’ city before!