Making the modern Web readable

Here’s a topic on how to avoid annoying paywalls, unreadable layouts, and the like… I have a few preferred tactics.

  • describes itself as a 12 foot ladder for a 10 foot paywall
  • on an iphone there’s often a Reader View Available button in the top toolbar
  • Firefox also offers a reader view
  • will transform a site into a plain-text version
  • (or will show an archived page that’s usually less user-hostile than the original, as will
  • Google often offers a ‘cached view’ of a site and even a plaintext version of that cache.
  • Reaching a site by clicking on a Google result will sometimes be less hostile than navigating to it some other way. Similarly, sometimes going via a link on Twitter will be more fruitful than going direct.
  • using an incognito browser window, or clearing cookies, will sometimes help, as will disabling JavaScript.
  • Instapaper transforms most websites to plain text, but you need to sign in with your free account - I use this one all the time.

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Prompted by a comment in Frome (and its sheds) in the New York Times.

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