Frome FM - Help needed

Local radio station, Frome FM, has been broadcasting for 15 years. In addition to the two sound studios are a host of other functions mainly run on a couple of PCs running Windows 10. There are various other pieces of sound and networking equipment of various ages which run the pre-recorded and content shared with another local station. This allows the station to broadcast 24 hours on automatic. The equipment has been patched and solutions to technical issues improvised as necessary. It could do with a thorough sort out especially the networking aspect. And if anyone has a couple of new PCs they don’t want Frome FM can give them a good home :wink:

Let me know if you are interested in getting involved or just coming to look it over and advise of what is required.



" couple of new PCs" Can I see them first please :slightly_smiling_face:

@Al & Ed can you post this on FB and anywhere else you think might work. This is an opportunity to help a community facility which helps promote the best of Frome - which it does with volunteers, very old PCs and a shoestring budget. Any help will be much appreciated - even a cash contribution :slight_smile:

The station needs a rack mount server to run Windows. The server runs 24/7 and is the backbone of the broadcast system. The spec: server modelled around the Asos 97 family of motherboards, lots of fans, or sealed fluid cooling, SSD (as big as possible) / 16/32gb ram / i7 processor / twin video cards.

ALSO, the station is looking for help with networking to join up various parts of the studio, edit suite and broadcast systems. Currently using a selection of techniques to move data from one area to another. Networking would save a lot of time and digital ‘trip hazards’.


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(/cc @Al_B and @danny_hearn)