Green Breather Days and the Clean Air project

The council are planning to pedestrianise the town centre for a few Saturdays throughout the summer, starting in May. Will be a great opportunity to show the difference in air quality between a normal Saturday and a traffic-free one. Let’s aim to get the town centre sensors (and indeed all the others) back into operation before then.

My reading was 42 for my Frome location, but my old ‘Londinium’ address was 99 (Cor blimey!).

What’s yours?

41 for us in Frome, which at least shows that they haven’t modelled Frome as a single location! We’re above WHO limits, very slightly, but I think I’ve read that that’s “normal” for the UK. It would be interesting, perhaps, to know if other European countries also fall outside guidelines - maybe it’s just what happens if you have cars and busses and wood burners and bonfires. And keep burning the toast. Or maybe it’s something very serious and Something Must be Done.