Hack day this Sunday

Hey folks,
Can I gauge interest for a hack day this Sunday 10-4pm at the Re:makery? The aim would be to really knuckle down and get some of our projects moving.

How much will it cost?
£5 each (or less depending on how many peeps we get)
Concessions will, of course, be available if you need them (speak to Tech Shed team)

It costs £50 for the day, but we can subsidise it with our Kitty. So if we had a minimum of x5 people that would be £5 each. Or if more people come it will be cheaper.

Perhaps we can get in some pizzas too or bring your own packed lunch…

Can I gauge interest in this? @Will @james.griffin @p.j @qscons @Al_B @Ed_S @laneige1990 @Snowy @Laurentius @odolphie

Can you come this Sunday?

  • YES I will come to the event this Sunday
  • NO I’m not interested
  • OR I can’t come this Sunday but like the idea for future

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@ChevX @hugo @markrbest @rosie

I should be able to come for about half of that time, but I’ve got a personal project I really want to get moving and I can only do so at the weekends.

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I have something else to do this Sunday.

Ok thank you to everyone that responded, I’ve booked the space. See you this Sunday from 10am!

Let’s make it a good one!

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Sorry about the late reply; it’s been a difficult week for me this week! But I should be able to turn up tomorrow also!

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Apologies but I am going to have to pull out of coming along tomorrow.

See ya’ll shortly, you might want to bring food. Otherwise we can always pop to co-op and something in!

Playlist of the day

Drivers for NodeMCU/esp8266

Thank you to everyone that came yesterday. We had
Will, Liam, Myself, Pj and george, with Lisa and her boy popping in at the end.

It was a good atmosphere with all of us appreciating the extra time to dig in, as well as have a bit of banter and chat without running out of time so quickly! We even had lunch together (PJ showing off some quite incredibly large strawberries with his lunch!). Oh and we tried music too, which I think went down ok…

For next time

  • Optional cooked lunch (with Mahesh)
  • Focus on a goal of hack… To do X within X hours…

Everyone felt it was fun and would come back to do it again. I’ll post a new thing on future dates for next weekend session

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Yeah it was good fun, although I feel like my input was a bit of a fail! Oh well, I’ll make sure the mac is ready for the next one.

What did you guys manage to do in the end?

Had a bit of a mare with the HttpClient library (can’t get it to issue a GET request - debug info was a little thin on the ground - Arduino libraries/dependancy management is a bit cranky too - I can see why embedded devs generally use other platforms) - still haven’t figured out what’s wrong - might have to skip that for now and to straight to MQTT listener on the device with a forwarding service.

But we did get Liam set up with PlatformIO (takes some getting used to & has some quirks, but has some good stuff as well) some good chats around different sensor and “smart town” type projects. Plus Lisa from Edventure stopped by with her son for a bit of VR, electronics talk & thoughts about other events, which was cool.

Managed to find the issue with the HTTP GET request.
Seems some of the networking doesn’t work when called from within a callback on the Async Webserver.
(we’d probably be calling it from loop anyway - it was just being triggered on a URL on the device for debugging)

This was captured on the serial port.

I’ve updated the repo with a fix notes etc.

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