Hello World - I'm new

Hello, I’m a newbie to the Frome TechShed but looking forward to taking part!

I moved to Frome in March and I really want to take a more involved part in the local community. Now more than ever I think battling isolation with community is incredibly important for the mental health of everyone.

A little about me: I’m a web developer mainly experienced in frontend writing PHP, HTML and CSS. I’m currently taking some time out of full-time employment to properly learn JS and do some freelance work. I’ve also recently built my own computer and have taken on a few laptop repair and upgrade jobs to learn more about maintenance and repair. I am also proficient with a wide variety of operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux and beyond)

My skills are more operating system, software and programming focused, but I’m keen to learn more about hardware and building in order to help people make the most of the tech they have. I’m also interested in helping members of the local community and making local connections.

Take care


Welcome! To summarise how Tech Shed looks at present:

  • We meet online on Wednesday afternoons, for an hour, with extended conversation for those who want it
  • In general, each of us is likely to be pursuing our own projects or our own learning processes, and Tech Shed gives us a technical community to act as a sympathetic and interested audience, and possible source of collaboration
  • Sometimes there will be a community-facing project, such as the Clean Air project, which gives us a chance to contribute to the community
  • From time to time we’ve had open air meetups this year too, as conditions allow
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That’s great Kerrance, look forward to meeting you on our next meetup soon. You should definitely chat to @Will

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Hello and welcome @kerrance!

Looking forward to meeting you – online at first, but hopefully in person once we’re in a position to get back to real-life meet-ups.

In addition to the Clean Air project others have mentioned we’ve also been talking to various community groups and the Town Council about helping them out with a bit of tech – Frome Community Drivers, the Toy Library, Discover Frome and some ideas around sortition / citizens’ assembly, to name a few.

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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!


Great to have you onboard @kerrance - hope to you can make it to the Zoom call tomorrow.

A very belated welcome Kerrance.