Hello World magazine

This is a free magazine aimed at educators, which I get sent because I volunteer at a Code Club. It’s also freely available online. It covers “computing and digital making” so often has ideas for virtual and real-world projects suitable for beginners / youngsters. For example, the current issue describes a school project using sensors and data analysis to look after plants.

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Forgot to ask you yesterday, what happened last week (my 100% attendance record is no more)?

I was imagining we’d write up some kind of a report after each meeting over in the Meetings and Events category - maybe also post some kind of invitation/preview ahead of a meeting too, especially if we have something particular in mind.

(I wasn’t there either, so I can’t help with the specific question!)

(replying to @Laurentius )
I’m going to go with: “No Smoke Without Buyers

I had a bit of a plan yo make some more moving electronics - brought in my soldering iron and stuff - then we talked through what next sessions might be and planned out what kit we’d need to make a proper session where we didn’t totally depend on what kit people brought in.

We put together a buy list and Danny went ahead and organised the purchases and delivery (we probably want a kit list on the site at some point).

We managed to generate a little bit of smoke at the end - soldering up a couple of DigiStump USB microcontrollers (pretty capable, interesting form-factor with USB communication on device & 3rd part clones are generally less than £1.50 on eBay etc.)

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Thank you :vulcan_salute:

I see the latest (free, PDF) issue of Hello World covers programming Machine Learning.