[Idea] A Technologist's Directory for Frome

It might be that there are people in Frome, perhaps in small businesses, who need some pointers or advice or even assistance on some technology problem.

Perhaps we can help by offering some kind of register of interested parties: local techies who are willing to help, with some indications of what they can offer (both their areas of expertise and their availability, voluntary or otherwise.) These people might not be Tech Shed members, but that might be a starting point.

Perhaps this could be as simple as a static page on our site, perhaps it could tie in to Discover Frome, or perhaps be a more sophisticated site we build, or even a group presence on an existing skills-matching site.

Personally, I’d want to keep it local, keep it simple, and keep it distanced from the idea of recruitment.


[As mentioned in today’s Tech Shed meeting]