Laser cutter tuition please

Could I have some tuition on use of the laser cutter please? Does one have to create an account and upload files? Or can the files be loaded to the machine locally?
I would like to engrave a pattern onto a thin (preferably sub mm, but it needs to be thin enough to be flexible) plastic sheet. Does anyone know how you control the depth of engraving onto such a material?
What is the minimum feature size?
Did anyone work out how to vary the depth of the engraving? I would like to have different depths in different parts of the features, not just set the depth globally.
Glowforge only seems to supply acrylic plastic, and that is too thick (i.e. too rigid) for my purpose.
I need the material to be a good insulator. Plywood or hardboard is unlikely to be good enough, particularly if it absorbs moisture. And it is not flexible enough.

Thanks for the help with engraving and cutting this.
The manual does suggest the use of Inkscape. Filled areas are allocated to engraving and lines are cut all the way through.
However, the SVG file produced by Inkscape was problematic. So tried saving as PNG. That sort of worked, but as an engraved object only. The cut / engrave info had been lost.
Then another software app (Affinity Affinity – Professional Creative Software) was used to improve the SVG file, and that then engraved and cut without a problem.
A bit of a puzzle why Inkscape could not produce an adequate SVG file. Will have a look into it when I have time. Or if anyone has solved this please reply.

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