Learning Linux command line skills

Found in this conversation:

I usually point my students at command-line bootcamp.
Once they start gaining some traction with it I point them towards bashcrawl, especially if they are the kind that enjoys games.

  • command-line bootcamp “a tutorial that teaches you how to work at the command-line. You’ll learn all the basic skills needed to start being productive in the UNIX terminal.”
  • bashcrawl “Learn Linux commands by playing a simple text adventure.”

Also in that thread:

I’d definitely recommend Ryan’s Tutorials for learning how to script, and Bandit for learning navigation and Linux in general.
These two helped me a lot to find my way through UNIX.
Ryan’s Tutorials has line by line explanation and for Bandit, there’s a lot of walk-throughs on how to proceed.

  • Ryan’s Tutorials “you are about to harness a powerful tool that will allow you to perform complex repetitive tasks with minimal effort”

  • Bandit “The Bandit wargame is aimed at absolute beginners”

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