Lovely talk on the power of playing, and prototyping

I feel this really speaks to Tech Shed Frome Ethos…

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The video started when I was out of the room and I thought it started with the words “My servants have invented a new game, robot tango”… having got that sorted, I have to agree Danny. We need to share the love. If only we could all meet up in person and invite young people to come and show us how they see the world - and how to improve it. One day…

Note on the cost of tech [3min 20 sec]: The Stratocaster Dylan played at his infamous 1965 set at Newpork Folk Festival sold at auction in 2013 for $965,000

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I’ve seen it now - it’s great; thank you, Danny. Being 76-years old I know that many things are “impossible” … but I have grandchildren, and I won’t tell them. My daughter’s partner, who is a technician at the University of Bath, will have sympathy with the idea that students should build their own.

Indeed, a sense of play, and experimentation, is very liberating. We should aim to have the materials on hand to enable this - whether that’s software or hardware. Some ready-made facilities and challenges. I have a fair amount of Lego Technic and a version of Mindstorms, which might be brought into play. But maybe some more ready-to-use peripherals for Arduino or Pi would also be worth having. To get anything done in an evening does impose some constraint: a modest goal, all the pieces to hand.