Meetup this Saturday?

Hey gang,
I’ve got a few leads of work that could even be funded.



I’m game, let me know where at 10:30 on saturday and I will be there.

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Possibly, I’ll check to see what I’ve got planned for the weekend.

Can meet at my gaff

98 Broadway… Does that work for peeps?

I think I can do that.

Just need to think about timing to get over there (I’ll probably walk at least part of the way - parking can be tricky around Broadway)

On the water quality project - creating open datasets is another opportunity - sensor readings + imaging + incidental/environmental data sounds like a good basis for a bit of machine learning (not even necessarily by us - a decent data set could get more researchers on board)

Sure 98 Broadway; Is that by the Royal Oak?

Cool yes by Royal Oak. You can park round road from Royal Oak if needed

10 4 will be there if all goes well.

If you ya’ll get lost my number is 07854638840 see you soon