Next Full Day Session

Hey Folks,
After last weekends Tech Shed Frome session I’d like to gauge interest for another one as and determine a date…

So if you’d like to attend the next Tech Shed weekend session that would

  • Give you time to tinker and socialise
  • Have food optional if you want to be cooked for
  • Anything else?

The following dates are available, it’s only Sundays at the mo unless we book different location. (Saturday’s have meditation club at same time)

You can vote for more than one!

  • 01 Mar - Sunday
  • 22 Mar - Sunday
  • 29 Mar - Sunday
  • 05 Apr - Sunday
  • I can’t do any Sunday

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@ChevX @hugo @markrbest @rosie

I haven’t voted because I can’t commit to any of those dates though I might come along to any session that happens.
That is, I like and support the idea of longer weekend sessions but there are other things that might take precedence for me.

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Alas, I won’t be able to make any at present, hopefully I’ll be able to do the summer holiday sessions.