Physical Meetup at the Welshmill Hub (Sunday 27th Feb)

It’s a new year and we’re going to try again, holding a Sunday session at the Welshmill hub, on Sunday 27th February. It’ll be our first physical session at Welshmill since the pandemic kicked off. (We nearly did this in December but had to cancel.)

When: 2pm - 6pm Sunday 27th February.

Who: members and prospective members.

Where: Welshmill Hub, Park Hill Drive, BA11 2LE. (Park Hill Drive is off Welshmill road, near the Play Park/Bump Track)

How it will work…

Since this is the first session indoors, we’re keeping things loose, no strict plans. We want people to do what they’re comfortable with in the indoor space, so it’s fine if people aren’t there for the whole session.

Bring your own projects, come and see what other people are working on or just turn up and join the conversation.

We have tools and kit to make use of and a good spread of knowledge to tap into.

(As it’s a new year, we hope all our 2021 members will rejoin for this year, and we hope to see some new faces too. Join up here or on the day.)

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Well, that was good - just 7 of us, but nice to meet in real life. The Remakery is slightly revamped since I was last there, and was a comfortable temperature, which is always nice.

We did a bit of 3D printing, a bit of noodling around with a Raspberry Pi Pico, some demonstration and explanation of the clean air sensor, some demo of the Pi 400 machines we have, and a resurrection of an old laptop we have. Also a bit of sorting out of our limited storage space. And of course other conversations and ideas (including the idea of an accessible overlay for a breadboard (the electronic kind of breadboard.)) Feel free to reply below with more reports, or to start new threads.

Sorry to miss those who couldn’t make it this time - there’ll be another one along before too long!