Real life meetup - ideas?

How about we meetup in real life again? We’ve done it twice, in the evenings on a Wednesday, in warm and dry weather.

Perhaps we need to pick a lunchtime slot instead, for better temperature control? And therefore at the weekend. Bring a picnic, and aim for half a dozen to stay legal. Here’s a quick Doodle poll - please vote there and comment here.

We can use Victoria Park as a venue, or a private garden. In the second case, we can probably arrange for a remote presence with a laptop - that worked well previously.

Just to note, the weather for the weekend presently is forecast to be 'orrible.

I have free access to the meeting room/ cave space in Welsh Mill Hub which you’re welcome to use. Totally understand if you want to keep it outdoors, but throwing that out as an option :slight_smile:

Good thought Ella! The cave scores a bit low on the well-ventilated space consideration, but the main upstairs area would probably be spacious enough, if we can use it.

So, at Wednesday’s weekly session we thought we might just go for an easy walk along the river. For us, Sunday afternoon works best: 2pm at the Cheese and Grain, how does that sound? If their cafe is open for business, perhaps we can have a coffee when we get back, which will probably be well before 3.

Yes, that sounds good to me.

I’m up for this. See you at the C& G at 2pm tomorrow, Sunday 11th October.

Sounds nice, I can come along for the walk bit! Might bring my dog along if thats ok? He’d love a change of scene.

Sounds good to me! (We won’t try to bring our cat, that would be a bit of a non-starter.)

Hahaa! Ok, see you guys tomorrow at 2 at cheese and grain.