[Spotlight] The Tech Shed 2021 recap

Here’s a record of what we have managed to do within a difficult year:

  • we had a video call every week (except one)
    • we’ve had between 4 and 8 people joining in
    • kept in touch with each other and our state of mind
    • shared individual project progress
    • and progress on longer running projects
    • and had spotlight sessions on things of interest
  • we had a couple of real life meetups
    • also catching up with some members who’ve been missing the video calls
  • two new members joined up during the year
  • we joined in the big green week
    • a real life event
    • got ourselves in the paper and better known in the town
    • several sensors built and deployed around town
    • all expenses covered by a grant
  • and of course we’ve kept in touch on this forum

Please chip in with other notable notes!