Sunday Meetup - 26th March at the Welshmill Hub

It’s nearly time for our regular last-Sunday-of-the-month afternoon session! Do join us. We’re meeting from 14:00 til 18:00 on Sunday 26th at the Remakery/Welshmill hub.

Feel free to bring any projects you’re working on, use the tools, discuss any interesting tech you’ve been looking into, ask questions, or just catch up.

The 3D printer is ready for action, as is the laser cutter, and also the CNC machine (but that needs a training session and a bit of supervision to use.)

When: 2pm - 6pm Sunday 26th March.

Who: members and prospective members.

Where: The Remakery, upstairs at Welshmill Hub, Park Hill Drive, BA11 2LE . (Park Hill Drive is off Welshmill road, near the Play Park/Bump Track)

A couple of photos from the event - we were playing with and printing off some aperiodic tiles, and also Hugo had a go at lasering something which might become a microfluidic separator.

While I’m here, at the previous session Paul brought in some printed tessellating tiles with a nice dodecahedral box for them:

Three designs: