Sunday Meetup - 31st July, Welshmill Hub

Sorry for the late notice (summer hol’s etc.)

We’re meeting from 14:00 til 18:00 on Sunday 31st (today) at the Remakery/Welshmill hub

Feel free to bring any projects you’re working on, access tools etc. discuss any interesting tech you’ve been looking into, ask questions, or just catch up.

The 3D printer build for the room should be finished in the session & ready for use. We’re likely to set up (at leas start to set up) the CNC machine & I might have a reason to borrow the bench PSU & maybe the logic analyser for an attempted diagnosis/repair if they’re not needed elsewhere.

Note: depending on turnout, we might finish early.

When: 2pm - 6pm Sunday 31st July

Who: members and prospective members.

Where: The Remakery, upstairs at Welshmill Hub, Park Hill Drive, BA11 2LE . (Park Hill Drive is off Welshmill road, near the Play Park/Bump Track)