Tech Shed, I have a problem, frassin rassin…

Can anyone advise please. I bought a domain name ( around a year ago. A few weeks after this purchase, I popped around to Chevanne’s for help in setting up a Facebook business account, which we set up on his work station.

Fast forward to yesterday, Chevanne and I are in Coffee # 1, with our faithful laptops, I make several attempts to sign into my Facebook business account via my mobile # and within several minutes, Facebook have requested my photo for ‘verification’ of my account. I’m was totally surprised by this request, I really need this account, what are my options?

Oh, that’s a pickle. I suspect you’re caught in the trap: you want to use their service, they want you to prove you’re legit according to their processes. I guess you have to pace the cage, trying whatever means they offer you, looking for a way out.

That said, from time to time I see little cooperative entities lose access to their FB pages because someone moved on, and they had the password, and what they pretty much have to do is start again, with a new page, and collect interest and put the word out just as they did the first time. They have to just leave the old page to rot. And this seems to work reasonably well, because all that matters is that people can find the current page, and they see updates there.

Below is request for photo.

“We’ll check it and then permanently delete it from our servers”

Does any Techsheddie believe this?

Yes, honestly, I do believe them in this.

That was quick Ed. By the way, what if I set up another Facebook account, different mobile # but
name of company is altered to wereadasone:info or info:wereadasone.

P.S. I gave Facebook correct name and telephone number, but typed in wrong password, two out of three?

Yes, probably - not certainly - you could start afresh by changing your coordinates. I think, though, that you’re up against FB’s intent not to have people switching around and having multiple identities and either spamming or conning people.

And so I should qualify my confident statement that I do believe they will permanently delete your photo: I’m fairly sure they will take measurements from that photo and store them, so they can recognise you subsequently (for example if they ask for Photo ID, or if for example you try to act as if you are a different person.)

I think typical face biometrics are to do with size and shape and relative position of eyes, nose, mouth. Possibly more. (If they could get a picture of an ear, apparently that works really well as a fingerprint!)

Thank you Edward (12 letters)

Not sure what happened, but I can log in now!
Thanks for the feedback Ed.

Oh, that’s a good result!