Tech Shed on the wireless: Frome FM - Shed Happens

I have been asked to talk about the TechShed on Frome FM’s ‘Shed Happens’ programme. It is live tomorrow at 12.00 and I am happy to do it but ought to check that a) the shed wants to be on the wireless and b) if so, is there is any particular message we want to put out?

I was asked as it seems I am the only Sheddy (?) who does not have a real job and can be at the studio at midday. Of course anyone else is welcome to do it instead. Or, as it is likely to become a regular slot, there are opportunities to join in later - it’s an open door :slight_smile:

Suggested script elements:
intro to the tech shed
what tech means in this context
what it does not mean (not a computer repair shop - but could be if anyone want to do that )
talk about the air sniffer
talk about 3D printing with examples of Paul’s projects
invitation to come to the Welshmill
how to get more information (website)

Comments welcome. See y’all this evening.

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How about “Tech Shed” organising a “Crypto Party” at some time in the not too distant future?


Hey PJ,
I’m free in the day tomorrow so happy to broadcast with you!

a) we are happy to be on the wireless!
b) I’ll come and give message… broadly speaking its just to welcome people, and explain what we are about.

Where do I need to be?


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Well done! ‘Ensnared’ indeed - here’s the program, and we’re on at about the 45min mark:

FromeFM | Shed Happens (for now)

Shed Happens by FromeFM | Mixcloud (the archive - we’re on 12/12/19)