Technology explainers

Rather than a new thread each time we find something informative and interesting and worth sharing, I thought it might be worth having a single thread for primers and educational material. (A bit like the Interesting Projects, Links & Inspiration thread.)

Let me kick off with a couple of findings:

On Extreme UV lithography, needed for the most critical layers in the most advanced integrated circuits, where you need a hard vacuum, a powerful laser, lots of mirrors, lots of cooling, and a 100mph stream of droplets of molten tin:

(see also Pre Pulse Technology for EUV Lithography, also ASML: Chip making goes vacuum with EUV, and the less technical factory tour: EUV: Lasers, plasma, and the sci-fi tech that will make chips faster | Upscaled)
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This isn’t quite an explainer, but it’s a curated list of 20 recent Machine Learning papers:
AI Papers to Read in 2020

Although most papers I listed deal with image and text, many of their concepts are fairly input agnostic and provide insight far beyond vision and language tasks. Alongside each suggestion, I listed some of the reasons I believe you should read (or re-read) the paper and added some further readings, in case you want to dive a bit deeper into a given subject.

  1. AlexNet (2012)
  2. MobileNet (2017)
  3. Attention is All You Need (2017)
  4. Stop Thinking with Your Head / Reformer (~2020)
  5. Human Baselines for Pose Estimation (2017)
  6. Bag of Tricks for Image Classification (2019)
  7. The SELU Activation (2017)
  8. Bag-of-local-Features (2019)
  9. The Lottery Ticket Hypothesis (2019)
  10. Pix2Pix and CycleGAN (2017)
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May this is a primer thing: assembly code, and the boot process of the humble PC, and some in-browser emulation so you can tweak your assembly code and see the results without a computer (and without an OS either - this is boot sector coding):