Techshed todo trello list home?

Should we have a topic/category home for the admin todo list trello board?

Wherever new posts land, note that we can always move them if a different category fits better. And a thread can be a wiki (or a poll) when that’s useful. (At present a post might have to be promoted to a wiki by the admin account - just PM me.)

My inclination is not to add categories until it’s clear that there will be several posts in that category. Sometimes pinning a topic within a category will be useful - we can do that, so it shows at the top.

I’ve added a resources section to the main site to gather links with descriptions.

It’s not got much styling on there - just focussed on being able to add pages and content via the CMS for now, sofunctional enough to start with.
(I’ve moved the repo over to the Techshed Github now, so it’s available for tweaking by organisers, albeit it’s in the hugo structure - some info in the readme)

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