The ultimate home zoom setup

This guy is nuts!

Part of me - the grumpy old man part - wants to respond a little negatively to this… I mean, it’s fun and all, and who doesn’t like to buy shiny toys. But even so. Are we confusing teaching with entertainment? Have we got to the point where we lose our audience because they turn out not to be eager to learn but merely willing to be diverted? I’m sure it’s true that bad teaching is boring, but in between boring and entertaining sits interesting, which for me has been where learning happens.

But thinking just a little more, I realise that there are good ideas here: a decent camera,microphone, good lighting, timekeeping gadgets, the ability to mix different sources, an overheard camera, being organised, knowing your tools, these are all good things.

Yeah I think it’s about making the communication clearer rather than the content. Lots of teaching is happening remote, and if the teacher (a multumedia teacher in this case) has a clear, clean setup, it will help inspire the kids interest in a craft (as he mentions a few times)… This is about is the craft around making high quality online content…

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Certainly poor quality video calls distract from the message, whatever the message might be - know your tools, rehearse, or at least think before you speak… I was unwise enough last week to try to attend not one but two online conferences, which I did by alternating between them and playing the steams at 2x speed. (It’s no wonder i had a bad head for several days afterwards.) But what I did see is that the more organised outfit which had chosen the better tools came out with the much better experience.

I, too, was in grumpy old man mode bemoaning the notion that not only do I have to get my head around the app, but also have to splash out on stupid amounts of kit and and produce a polished performance. Then I realised that he is not a theoretical physics lecturer, but a video production teacher and demonstrating his product. Keeping the punters entertained. Also, he probably gets the kit from work, or at the very least it’s tax deductible. But I have to ask who really needs six Strats? (There’s another one behind his head)