WANTED: Help at SHARE's Repair event

SHARE are restarting their popular Repair events at the Welshmill Hub, and would welcome anyone who can help with diagnosing and fixing computer problems. The problems people bring along vary, but common ones are requests for help with installing or using software, advice on available software, or just “my laptop’s going really slowly”.

The next event is on Sunday 20th October (see https://sharefrome.org/events/) between 3 and 5pm

If you fancy helping out (with this or any other kind of fixing) have a word with me, or contact Aliss at SHARE directly

Count me in! If I can’t fix a Windows problem, I can always install Linux. But I promise not to do that. Unless asked.

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I’m pretty good at wiring up plugs, stick me down.

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Just a reminder that SHARE’s next Repair Cafe is on Sunday Feb 23rd, 3pm-5pm in the Welsh Mill Hub. As ever, Aliss would welcome any help with tech repairs. If you’re up for it please let her know on the new Repair Cafe email address, fromerepaircafe@gmail.com

Ed and I will be driving back from Yorkshire that day, so we may or may not be back in time.

Also, advance notice that the following Repair Cafe is on Sunday 15th March, 3pm-5pm at the Welsh Mill Hub. And we’re hoping to make it a joint event and hold our first Air Sensor Workshop at the same time, probably in the Remakery or Cave. So put the date in your diary!

I think I can make it - I’ll drop Aliss an email.