Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments

“Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipments (WEEE) is the fastest growing waste stream in the world” *

I was wondering (as I always do), if we could be a little more prudent when buying electronic components in the future?


I’m reminded of the slogan “reduce, reuse, recycle” - sometimes we feel the need to buy new things, but if we can buy secondhand, if we can salvage bits from stuff that’s broken, it all helps. And of course the repair cafe is good, it helps extend the life of things.

On a related note: I managed to get power to one of our donor laptops - we have a bootable machine (currently WinXP) - likely a lightweight Linux distro is the way to go, then we have a Shed machine for people to get onto.

I haven’t checked out the other 2 laptops properly - I believe Matthew said there’s a ribbon cable fault on his, not sure about the other, but the power supply I have is likely to be able to power it if that’s missing.

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Since my last post on WEEE, I’ve been treking the web over the last few days, looking for eco-component manufacturers, guess what, I couldn’t find not one! So much for my ‘Mantra’ on wanting to do the right thing, for one and all.

I’m so frustrated, I really wish someone like Elon Musk, would divert some of that eyeball hang time money he’s spending on space exploration, and use it to help our planet, at this very precarious time in our history. Maybe Vladimir could help as well, because he’s just as rich as Elon, if not more:neutral_face: