We've been offered a whiteboard!

Someone just messaged the facebook group asking if they can donate a whiteboard it is 180 x 120cm which i think is pretty big. I don’t think that will fit in my car… Has anyone got a roof rack? They are in Keyford so pretty local

Bizarrely 2 people have now offered whiteboards… I’m going to see if i can fit in my car later today

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I took a gander at your site and was mightily impressed.

Excellent. (and not so bizarre – Lisa posted on Edventure’s FB asking if anyone had spare whiteboards for us!) Afraid we have a small-ish car and no roofrack. But if it comes to carrying it by hand I can help

The chap wot said we could have it, is going to drop it round Welsh mill hub for us :slight_smile:


If any need picking up I do have a roof rack, but tbh that size should fit inside anyhow.