"What Everyone in Tech Should Know About Teaching and Learning"

From time to time we find ourselves trying to teach what we know to people who don’t yet know. Here’s a 40min video with lots of thoughts on how to do that well:

A 40-minute overview based on the material in https://teachtogether.tech/

via this post on MeFi


You’re not there to get the code to work—that would be consulting. You’re there to get the programmer to work.

Bugs are discrepancies between our mental model of the program and the program itself. The program is doing something we don’t expect . The program isn’t wrong . The program can’t be wrong. It’s doing what it’s been told to do. What’s incorrect is our mental model.

If they’re profoundly frustrated, even if the moment offers tremendous instructional potential, hit pause. Take care of the human being in front of you. The programming concepts can come later.

Lots of early stage programmers don’t realize that it’s normal to struggle. They may not be aware that you had analogous struggles. While this isn’t about you—it’s about them—it can be helpful to tell them about the ways you struggled while you were learning, and the ways you struggle today.