3D Printer & Printing

I’m ready now to donate my 3D printer to the Tech Shed, making it and my expertise available to members of the Tech Shed. At the next meeting I would like to agree a list of demonstration objects to be printed, such as personalised badges and keyrings.

See https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_0CEuNyvl_hq6688mBWGdSXRPv0U-Kbl

Fantastic news and a very generous offer - much appreciated!

My first thought is printing puzzles, perhaps like these:

But some kind of TechShed token would be good - perhaps in the form of a spinning top?

Oops, just noticed this:

It has been suggested that for demonstration purposes, it would be useful to 3D print attractive, personalised objects such as keyrings and badges bearing the owner’s name.

So I’d better get my name on a puzzle on a keyring!

Edit: some more things from the thingiverse which appeal to me:

Here’s a photo of the data flow for 3D printing: