3D Printer & Printing

I’m ready now to donate my 3D printer to the Tech Shed, making it and my expertise available to members of the Tech Shed. At the next meeting I would like to agree a list of demonstration objects to be printed, such as personalised badges and keyrings.

See https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_0CEuNyvl_hq6688mBWGdSXRPv0U-Kbl

Fantastic news and a very generous offer - much appreciated!

My first thought is printing puzzles, perhaps like these:

But some kind of TechShed token would be good - perhaps in the form of a spinning top?

Oops, just noticed this:

It has been suggested that for demonstration purposes, it would be useful to 3D print attractive, personalised objects such as keyrings and badges bearing the owner’s name.

So I’d better get my name on a puzzle on a keyring!

Edit: some more things from the thingiverse which appeal to me:

Here’s a photo of the data flow for 3D printing:

Sadly, on Wednesday, I tripped carrying the printer from the Tech Shed to my workshop. It is broken, and I doubt that it can be repaired. So I have bought a replacement, which needs 2 hours to assemble, according to the supplier. I’ve looked at the instructions and It will take much longer. Anybody willing to help me ?

That’s bad news! I could try to help - when and where?

Thank you. To answer your questions:

Where - I’m not sure - maybe in my workshop at the Welshmill Hub - I’ll have to give it a long-overdue tidy first !

When - depends on availability of help.

I’ll bring it in on Wednesday.

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Sounds good to me! :sunglasses:

Just a thought…
Do you think we could 3D print some membership cards?

Might be nice way to make new people feel more included?

Glad to, once we have a working 3D printer again.
Requires someone to come up with one or more designs, then I and/or others can do the rest.
I can discuss the design tomorrow. Do we have a Frome Tech Shed Logo, preferred fonts etc. ?

Let’s chat about it tomorrow, yes got an idea I can help with that

PJ has repaired the 3D printer that I gave to the Tech Shed !
And he’s connected it to his MAC ! He’s looking after it over Christmas.
And Richard Whitehouse has donated a broken STARTT 3D printer. PJ and I are investigating repair/replacement of broken parts, Richard is helping.
So we’ve gone from 1 working printer via 3 non-working printers to 1 working, 1 awaiting construction, 1 to be repaired.
Given my talent for breaking 3D printers I’ll turn my attention to the design of membership cards for Frome Tech Shed.


Nice good work chaps!

On membership cards, I was thinking perhaps it could be quite small enough to get on a keyring?

Like this - https://www.personalisedgifts.co.uk/products/custom-design-key-fobs-keyrings

Great result! I like the keyfob idea - most people have keys. A credit card size might be an alternative. Is there a way to make stickers for a phone case??

On the keyfob idea, I’d perhaps go back to an earlier idea, of tokens for sessions. I think we were thinking the size of a large coin (perhaps like a casino chip although I’ve never handled one of those) - perhaps with a bit of a cog wheel to it, perhaps with a shed and then inside the shed some circuitry kind of stuff. A picture is worth a thousand words here…

We could stick rfid rag on key ring. Then they could be scannable.

This idea could then be repurposed for other means…

Bird feeders?

container_bird-feeder-for-pet-bottle-bird-house-3d-printing-81899 ![thEN9TCRQB|474x474](![thEN9TCRQB![2_0_grande|600x338](upload://jCiHQU7tE6llDEtuhCaFsbhT8xB.jpeg2_0_grande

A few simple 3D printed items from the Raspberry Pi website (suitable for an open day):


These use the (online) BlocksCAD editor – good for kids because they are used to block-based coding in Scratch.


I’ve written up the unusual method I use for my 3D printing. See https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M3YjHAy3WmefYm4DGY7X7BwRH3RuUbUV
This document has links (in blue, underlined) to web sites.

very interesting! (A C program which produces g-code directly)