Meetup at the Welshmill Hub (Sunday 1st May)

Please join us, if you can, for our second in-person meetup of 2022, this coming Sunday. We hope to do these monthly from now.

When: 2pm - 6pm Sunday 1st May.

Who: members and prospective members.

Where: The Remakery, upstairs at Welshmill Hub, Park Hill Drive, BA11 2LE. (Park Hill Drive is off Welshmill road, near the Play Park/Bump Track)

How it will work…

As with our session in February, we’re keeping things loose with no schedule or structure. We want people to do what they’re comfortable with in the indoor space, so it’s fine if people aren’t there for the whole session.

Bring your own projects, come and see what other people are working on or just turn up and join the conversation.

We have tools and kit to make use of and a good spread of knowledge to tap into.

There’ll be tea and biscuits and snacks to keep us going.

Feel free to spread the word and bring a friend. This isn’t members-only - but we can take signups and register membership on the day, and we’d like to have our 2022 membership list in place for a later AGM. Join up here or on the day. Annual membership is £5.

Good that it is meeting in person. Hopefully will be able to come.

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This is good news , but I can’t make it because I’m going to Gifford’s circus.

Sorry to miss you Paul - hopefully will see you later in the year.

Hope we do see you there @hugo - long time no see!

I’ll pop in after the market! Would be great to see what’s going on :slight_smile:

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Great to meet you all today.

Apologies, if I didn’t get a chance to speak to you all but I will try my best to talk to everyone next meet up.

Will kindly gave me an introduction to the Clean air project today which is quite impressive.

In my initial chats with Will I invited the group over to Level Five Supplies HQ over on Commerce park, so I will work out a date that works for those who wish to attend and set up some demonstrations of the different equipment we have.

In the mean time I am keen to get involved in projects in any capacity needed.

Kind regards,



Great to see everyone yesterday and to meet some new people - I look forward to more opportunities to chat at subsequent meetups. Remember, it’ll be the last Sunday of the month from now. (But not December, most likely.)

Jon, sorry I missed you. I think you were departing as I arrived. One of the things on my “to do” list is to examine ancient stone monuments for relief carving. Much erosion has occurred and so any such details would be hard to pick out. I wonder whether the range resolution of LIDAR has improved to the point where such measurements would be possible? Sub mm. And spatial resolution would need to be good. One thing in our favour is that the stones do not move. Would stacking of LIDAR images help?

Hi Hugo,

I think I would consider using a handheld 3d scanner. These are popular with 3d printers and a much lower price points can be <£500 and have a 0.3mm precision and come with some form of post processing software to do the heavy lifting.

Using multiple scans it a common technique to help complete the process.

It would certainly be interesting to scan the rocks with a LiDAR scanner to see the results but the beam divergence isn’t going to permit the resolution you desire without a very narrow FOV and a hefty price tag. Then you would have to do all the post processing manually, so an out of the box solution it’s definitely more desirable for the application you have mentioned.

Kind regards,