Monthly thread - what's new with you? (February edition)

What have you found, or learnt, or watched, or heard? What are you building or breaking or repairing or investigating?

Let’s hear about your technical adventures, however large or small.

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Here’s a two-for-one, a Tensegrity table, and a Stirling Engine.

Was going to post here, but it got a bit long, so I started a new thread:

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Once again, I managed to do the merest modicum of programming, the first and the easiest of three programming challenges with a £5000 prize. But from 1982, so no chance of collecting on that, even if I managed all three.

Something new to me: improved video compression by separating film grain parameters, compressing the grain-free video, and having the decompressor add synthetic grain with the right parameters.
Film Grain Synthesis for AV1 Video Codec (10 page PDF, researchers from Netflix and Google.)
(via a comment on a thread about storing data by uploading as YouTube videos)

Nice printed puzzle (nice filament too)