Sunday meetup - 26th June at the Welshmill Hub

The monthly meetup session has come around again! Please join us if you can, from 2pm on Sunday, until 6, come for a chat, bring a project if you have one, catch up with your Tech Shed buddies, see the gradually growing setup in the ReMakery.

When: 2pm - 6pm Sunday 26th June.

Who: members and prospective members.

Where: The Remakery, upstairs at Welshmill Hub, Park Hill Drive, BA11 2LE . (Park Hill Drive is off Welshmill road, near the Play Park/Bump Track)

Here’s the thread from the previous one.

Apologies for missing the session, I was going to come with Chevex (do you remember him?). But due to circumstances beyond my control…

Ah, it would have been good to see you both again… there’s always another month!

Very quick report of the session: a warm day in the welshmill hub, just five of us, and other than a bit of catching up we spent most of the time building up the new 3D printer which edventure have bought for the remakery. We nearly managed to finish the job too!

Also, someone we know dropped by and joined up, which is great. We might see her at the September session (she’s busy over the summer.)

Is there a meet this Sunday 31st July? I’m up for it.

I hope so (although I can’t make it)

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to book the space as folks from Edventure are on Hol’s.

Seems logical to postpone until next week.

Great idea, as the F1 is on tomorrow.

We’re going to go ahead and see how it goes (I’ll watch the race later, so no spoilers if anyone show up after it’s finished :slight_smile: ).

Not sure how many people will be there as we’re only announcing on here & it’s a bit late notice, but we’ll see how it goes - I’ll add a thread shortly.